It is aimed to control a DC motor that can operate between 12V-24V by using a high precision ultrasonic distance sensor, which is Maxsonar’s MB7360 model. In this direction, the duty cycle of the PWM signal, which is used to control the speed of the motor within the distances that the sensor can measure, will automatically determine how long it will remain at the logic 1 level. Since DC motor cannot be controlled directly, BTS7960 43A Dual H-Bridge DC motor driver circuit is used. As the sensor approaches the obstacle, the rotation speed of the motor will decrease and the user will be warned with a buzzer and led.

This project was inspired by new generation cars. By measuring the distance between 2 cars, automatic braking and an audible or visual warning are given to the driver, at the same time automatically braking and accidents are prevented. Although there is no braking system in my project, the same process will be tried to be done by reducing the speed of the DC motor.

The solution of the project is to prevent traffic accidents by reducing the speed of the engine by itself by measuring the distance between the cars when the driver is distracted or forgets to press the brake. When the distance is too short, it warns the user audibly so that driver will be careful.

General Schematic